About Julia

Hi, I'm Julia!

I'm a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer, nutritional health coach and gained my optimum nutrition for health and performance certificate.

I've been fortunate to help clients face to face and online to achieve their goals in an attainable and sustainable way, create strong and healthy bodies - but most importantly support them to feel confident and comfortable in their skin.
No quick fixes, no crazy diets or other restrictions. Instead, we focus on methods that work for you as an individual, suit your lifestyle and create a plan that gets you excited about fitness and food.


Before helping others..

I always enjoyed moving. Dancing, yoga, hiking. Anything that got me moving where I didn't have to think. Funniliy enough I never used to like the gym though. I was one of those who has a membership but never really used it. I felt insecure, overwhelmed and bored, didn't quite understand why you would pay money to stare at a white wall lifting a dumbbell with shouting men in the background. Sounds familiar?

Unfortunately I lost all kinds of activity level after school and whilst traveling and with that also all my confidence and self believe. I started to create an unhealthy relationship with food, my body and mind.

My journey reshaped after going through a bad break up, when I realised I was tired of living day in day out feeling tired, sluggish and completely uncomfortable in my own skin.

I started moving again, first at home with random YouTube videos and eventually got myself a personal trainer to become more confident in the gym. The shift I started seeing not only in my body but also within myself made me want to learn even more about fitness and nutrition, so that I started diving more into the nutrition field and eventually gained my qualification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a nutritional health coach and later on gain my confidence to become a personal trainer.

I haven't looked back since and will continue to expand my knowledge, experience and personal growth to help others feel less intimidated and become the strongest and most confident they've been - whilst taking off the pressure and bringing back the fun.