Living to your full potential though martial arts, with Jonathan Au – 003

Meet Jonathan, a dear friend and now business partner of Julia.

As a corporate office worker who has been in the city for over 6 years, Jon actively pursues his passion of martial arts as a tool for empowering and enabling others to drastically improve their holistic wellbeing. He considers this as a trigger point for helping people to develop the necessary skillset to improve all aspects of their lives and be in a position to follow their personal ambitions.

In the interview we cover:

  • What does it mean living to your full potential
  • becoming honest with yourself and what that means
  • how martial arts is able to transform your life and the way you see the world
  • how to see failure as progress
  • our approach and opinions to cheat days and meals
  • why being in pain is sometimes so worth it
  • and so much more

We want to hear from you! What are your brave stories, how are you living to your full potential and where did you continue on your great journey even though no one believed in you?

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