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I'm so glad you are here!

Let's get comfy, grab a cup of tea and get to know each other.

Remember that moment you felt completely lost?


That was me just over 4 years ago. For over a decade. I was a people pleaser, trying and doing almost everything so I 'fit in' and so that people like me. I thought I was happy and had a great life. But I didn't. And I was far away from being truly, genuinely happy. But how was I supposed to know?

I was so used to feeling exhausted, keeping myself up with too much coffee, was bloated, moody and just was not quiet sure what I want from life and certainly not who I really was.

I was overwhelmed, over burdened and over tired

It was only when I started to change my diet and payed more attention to how and when I ate.

I noticed I not only have some emotional and binge eating issues, but also tried to hide myself by drinking too much, party too much and just really do too much of the wrong things.

I know this had to change. I just did not know how.

Slowly I started to dive deeper into this whole food thing and changed my complete way of eating.

I very quickly started to see drastic, yet amazing changes withing myself. I finally got better sleep, more energy and just overall felt so much better.

But I still did not feel happy.

I knew there was more. There had to be.

I slowly started realising that feeling and living good is not just down to food. I still felt unwell with myself and my body, still trying to please everyone around me.

It was only when I did more work on myself that I began to actually started to see the bright side of life, that there is more than working, sleeping and partying.

So I did the inner work. And oh my god was that a hard one!

Starting to work on myself and getting clear on what is really going on with my life, emotions and feelings was the hardest thing I have ever done.

In the end though, it was worth it. All the pain, the tears, the losses and breakdowns. So worth it.

Because now I am in complete peace and love with myself.

With my mind, body and spirit. I now know how to handle my emotions, how to take care of them. Know what is really going on and that I have to make myself a priority. Period.

I also know my worth. I'm not pleasing anyone anymore. I stand up for what I want and I know I can have everything on this earth that I ever dreamed of.



And now?

After realising my breakthrough I started studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, to help people who are going through the same experience a life full of passion, enthusiasm and energy.

I put my hands on all the books, did another certificate in CBT and aromatherapy and became obsessed with sharing everything I have learned.

It became my passion to guide you  towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life so that you are able to stand in your full potential, remove your mask and finally do all the things you are meant to do, with energy and enuthusiasm.

To fall in love with yourself again, look in the mirror and say: I am freaking amazing!

Because you are.


So tell me: are you truly, fully and genuinely living your life to its full potential?

Can you say that you hand on heart love the heck out of you?

Do you wake up everyday with passion and energy, excited what the day has to offer?

I truly was not and heck no, did I not wake up every morning with energy and motivation.

But I learned to fall in love with myself, how to look after myself and to feed my mind, my body and my spirit the best things and food life has to offer.

And I strive to help you having the same..

Julia xx

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