Awareness VS Knowledge

I recently looked up the definition of the word ‘awareness’

Here is what came up:


– Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

Interesting. Do we actually know the things we are aware of?

Like, we are aware that we are tired. We are aware that we feel exhausted. We are aware that we feel a bit bloated and we are aware that we really shouldn’t eat that huge piece of chocolate cake at 11 pm at night.

But why do we still do it?

Because we don’t know what we don’t know. We are so used to living and feeling this way that we don’t know any better.

Or actually, we do know. We have an idea. But 90% of the time we don’t know how to get from a to b, at least where to actually start!

Having all these information out there about what is good for us, what we should eat and do and what not. When we should go to bed and how our morning should look like.

Low fat, high carb, high fat, low carb. Vegan is the way forward…but the protein, what about our protein!! Cut down your calories and you will reach your dream weight. Add collagen to your diet! (What does that even mean?). Just up your exercise! Eat more raw foods. The human body is not made for so much raw food…

Oh my god. Give me a break!

When I started studying nutrition to become a Health Coach I was literally shocked how many diets are out there. Like, are you being serious? Can we please just enjoy our life and get healthy along the way. Geez!

See, what I have learned over my years working with all kinds of people who all struggle with similar but different symptoms, as well as on my own journey is:


Life is precious, life is fun and we only have this one. So give up the diets and finally learn to understand your body and what it needs and desires.

You do great on high carb? Great! More raw foods for you? Fab! You really can’t stand meat? Awesome!

See, we are all different. Our bodies are all built differently so what works for me will never really work for you. Maybe a bit, but never 100%

Our bodies in fact speak their own language. Their actually talk and try to communicate with us. But we ignore them. All the freaking time. 

Until they scream at us.

And we end up burning out. Feeling over exhausted. Moody. Lose our passion and drive. Get angry without actually knowing why. Lose our patience. Have the most ridiculous sleep issues. Or worse, end up in hospital.

It is ridiculously important to take action before it gets too late. Before your body has to force you to take action. Go for long term success instead of another fad diet and quick fixes, which causes you mood changes anyway because you can not enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Think about it. How are you actually feeling day in day out? Could there be more?

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