What really happens on a (fad) diet

Ever been on a diet? I think we all have in one way or another.

But what actually happens on a diet and why don’t they work? Well, don’t work at least in the long run. A diet involves the wrong kind of motivation, hence why you are not reaching your desired goal and lose weight only to gain it back again – even more.

What happens on a diet is that we restrict a certain food group and cut out calories, or both. And that is often the problem, as hunger starts in the brain. When you all of a sudden start to restrict on certain foods (and increase your exercise at the same time) your brain goes into survival mode. As soon as this happens, your brain sends out stress signals to the body which then goes into survival mode by slowing down your metabolism. By doing that, it stores fat in your cells because “you need to survive right now” so you better don’t burn it.

You might lose a few pounds, going through a hard time as you, let’s be quiet frank here, can’t really enjoy life either at the moment, and all is fine after the few weeks you’ve been on it.
However as soon as you start eating your normal way again, or even a bit healthier than before, your brain literally throws a “survival party” (as you are not restricting now anymore) and starts to have a great feast. Meaning, you start craving and indulging even more than before.

Life is about fulfillment. It is about enjoying every moment and be utterly happy and satisfied in every way possible.

Dieting and the wrong way of eating (i.e. indulging too much, binging or restricting)  can and will never supply what is really missing.

We all know eating healthy and mindfully and creating a healthy and abundant lifestyle is key. However important the knowledge is though, awareness is the real solution.
That is why most of us are unable to properly sustain a healthy lifestyle.

So next time, instead of going on another fad diet, start to figure out what is really going on. Is there something missing? Where are you not fully happy and satisfied? And what can you do about it? Become mindful. Learn to appreciate your body the way it is right now. Come from a place of love, learn to understand it.

And remember: You can only ever change the outside by starting with the inside.

Awareness VS Knowledge

I recently looked up the definition of the word ‘awareness’

Here is what came up:


– Knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

Interesting. Do we actually know the things we are aware of?

Like, we are aware that we are tired. We are aware that we feel exhausted. We are aware that we feel a bit bloated and we are aware that we really shouldn’t eat that huge piece of chocolate cake at 11 pm at night.

But why do we still do it?

Because we don’t know what we don’t know. We are so used to living and feeling this way that we don’t know any better.

Or actually, we do know. We have an idea. But 90% of the time we don’t know how to get from a to b, at least where to actually start!

Having all these information out there about what is good for us, what we should eat and do and what not. When we should go to bed and how our morning should look like.

Low fat, high carb, high fat, low carb. Vegan is the way forward…but the protein, what about our protein!! Cut down your calories and you will reach your dream weight. Add collagen to your diet! (What does that even mean?). Just up your exercise! Eat more raw foods. The human body is not made for so much raw food…

Oh my god. Give me a break!

When I started studying nutrition to become a Health Coach I was literally shocked how many diets are out there. Like, are you being serious? Can we please just enjoy our life and get healthy along the way. Geez!

See, what I have learned over my years working with all kinds of people who all struggle with similar but different symptoms, as well as on my own journey is:


Life is precious, life is fun and we only have this one. So give up the diets and finally learn to understand your body and what it needs and desires.

You do great on high carb? Great! More raw foods for you? Fab! You really can’t stand meat? Awesome!

See, we are all different. Our bodies are all built differently so what works for me will never really work for you. Maybe a bit, but never 100%

Our bodies in fact speak their own language. Their actually talk and try to communicate with us. But we ignore them. All the freaking time. 

Until they scream at us.

And we end up burning out. Feeling over exhausted. Moody. Lose our passion and drive. Get angry without actually knowing why. Lose our patience. Have the most ridiculous sleep issues. Or worse, end up in hospital.

It is ridiculously important to take action before it gets too late. Before your body has to force you to take action. Go for long term success instead of another fad diet and quick fixes, which causes you mood changes anyway because you can not enjoy life to it’s fullest.

Think about it. How are you actually feeling day in day out? Could there be more?

Starting to live healthy is really like meeting that one special person.

Do you sometimes find yourself sitting on the tube or bus, or even in your car waiting for the traffic lights, gazing around and all of the sudden there is this very attractive man or woman?

You both start starring at each other and you start to notice some kind of chemistry. You might even smile at each other, shyly.

You think that you would really like to get to know that person. You continue starring but then what always happens, happens. One of you has to get off at the next station. However, you might even still stare when getting off, having that last look at each other through the window. Oh, how lovely it would have been if you just would have been brave enough that one time, stepping out of your comfort zone to give your name and number. But you couldn’t even say “hi”.

The same happens when we start thinking about making changes in our lives.

When we want to start exercising, eating healthier or just want to be more mindful and take more care of ourselves. The thought is great, isn’t it. And all the possibilities you see with your future self. The confidence you will then have. The energy, drive and passion. Life all of a sudden feels light an amazing.

However, just the thought won’t get you anywhere. Neither with your lifestyle and certainly not when seeing someone you’d like to ask out but instead, you just pass out on the thought of it.

Because that’s what we are used to. Just the thought of something greater.

But we see it. It happens everyday. For everyone but us. Because we are different. Because we are too busy, or just don’t have the financial options. Or simply because we tried everything before and nothing worked. Also, there is always google, right? (Or another fancy dating site, whatever they are all called these days)

But here is the truth my love: You are just not special enough

You are not as special so that it can not work out for you. You are not busier than everyone else and no, you have not tried everything else before, otherwise you would not be stuck in the situation you have been in for the last however many years.

See, if you really want something, go for it. You only have this one shot called life.

You don’t feel good in your body? You wish you had more energy, joy and passion in life? Then do something! There are so many ways. If you really want it – get it.

Go reach out to someone who has already been through it – and actually conquered it. Go to someone who is just one step ahead of you. But please, don’t ask aunt sally for help, who is high on red wine and pizza (no offence here – I love good wine and pizza!)

Take that leap of faith and change what you don’t like.  Learn to appreciate yourself the way you are right here in this moment. Because true change only comes from a good state of mind. And then my dear, really anything is possible.

You have no idea what then is actually possible. It is truly amazing.

And yes, you might then even be brave enough to stand up on that bus or tube to go to that person and say at least “hi, thanks for making my day with your beautiful smile”

You really have no excuses whatsoever in life. You might just fear changes, because you will be thrown out of your comfort zone for a short period of time.

But hey, as a professional in that field, it is actually really the best thing that can happen to you. Period.

How To Overcome An Emotional Breakdown

We all have them, right? Those days where we just feel like giving up.

You may just have started a new project and it isn’t working out the way you would like it to be. You just started exercising again but not seeing the results yet you so wished for. In the beginning you are beyond excited, filled with motivation and then suddenly you feel frustrated, exhausted, tired and just ask yourself why the heck you are doing this.

First of all let me tell you: this is totally normal, we all suffer from it every now and then, even the best of the best.
They just know how to handle it.

I want to share with you what I do when I feel like this, so that you soon will be back on track and continue being amazing.



Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Know that it is ok to take a short break – sometimes we need to take a step back and focus on something else in order to move forward.

The more you convince yourself to do a certain thing the worse it gets.
This also might be a very good time to go and take a walk and get some fresh air.

WITHOUT your phone!!

Fresh air is a good way to clear your mind and thoughts and to become more focused again.



What is your goal, what good will happen after you finish your project?

Focus on the positive side of things and the feeling you will get after accomplished.

Go get yourself a reward after you reached half term, or just set smaller goals for each week and reward yourself when achieving those – it is less overwhelming and will keep you motivated.



Sometimes it helps when we just talk about our struggles and maybe the two of you can brainstorm about what can bring you closer to your goal/why and where you’re stuck.

Two heads are better than one, right?

That is why I love Masterminds and group programs – when saying things out loud we become much clearer and often times find an answer straight away, as well as having people around us who can see our situation from a different perspective.



Now this one is truly underestimated.

In situations like these it is important to gain back your creativity and motivation. Take some time to read a motivational book, watch a motivational video, something like that.
Also write down what you want. Be specific. Write it as detailed as possible.

I love to switch of with meditation – might that be actual mediation or a form of color meditation, yoga, journaling – it really depends on my mood.



If it comes to the worst and you just feel like you can’t handle it on your own: go and hire someone to help you out. This might be a coach, an assistant, whatever suits your situation. Maybe even someone to clean your house or does your laundry to give you some extra time?

We are triggered to be superwoman and superman – but really we do not need to proove anything to anyone and sometimes getting help can be such a relief and get your mojo back on track!




.. now it is your turn: What do you do when you feel stuck and feel like giving up? Tell us in the comments!