Your health is important to you. You probably already have a fitness routine and an idea of what the right diet should look like.

But something is missing.

You are not seeing your desired goals and are stuck with your progress for a while now.

You know you've got what it takes, but you are overwhelmed with all the different approaches that everyone is taking and that's making you even more confused.

You wish someone would just tell you what the best thing is to do so you can finally see proper progress and move forward.

Do you sometimes

- wish you could enjoy your meals with less guilt?

- feel stressed with calorie and macro counting?

- wish you would wake up each day with energy and motivation and actually sustain it throughout the day?

- wonder when you will finally see more progress and reach your goals? (for good this time)

- and are you tired of missing out on your life because you are following a restrictive meal and lifestyle plan?

I've been there, done that!

Now I work with people just like you who want more from their active life, be able to sustain that energy after their training and just really stop worrying too much about food and training. I will help you experience peak performance not only  during your workouts, but also in everyday life.


Thrive On Health Program

You love food. But somehow it became a pain and overwhelming to eat as you either don't know what to eat anymore (so it benefits you), or you can't seem to stop and find yourself over-eating and binging most of the time.

You  want to have the proper energy that actually lasts throughout the day without hanging on too much coffee or energy drinks, however getting up in the morning feeling energised and excited for the day does not really seem realistic right now.

Imagine that it is possible for you. Because it is.

In my 4 months nutrition program, we will take your diet and lifestyle up a notch so you will feel the best you have ever felt - not just for a while, but for a lifetime.

We will discover the root cause of what is going on right now and I will show you how easy it can be and feel to live your healthiest life. You will finally understand that you don't need to calorie count or sip on green juice and eat salad all day everyday to get the body and shape you want.

Here is what's included:

  • 12 sessions à 60 minutes, over the phone or in person
  • individual tailored plans, recipes and handouts
  • a product welcome pack worth over £200
  • support in between sessions
  • discounts and special invites to other workshops, seminars, programs

Forget everything that you know about meal plans and diets. When working with me and investing in yourself, you can be ensured to reach YOUR best outcome possible - and still be able to live a balanced, fun filled life.

Reset Your Health Program

Nutrition and fitness work hand in hand when you want to achieve an overall good and healthy life. We all know it but it is also easier said than done.

Having the benefit of being qualified both as a nutritional coach and personal trainer makes your life a whole lot easier.

Imagine exercise and eating being fun, instead of something dreadful. Imagine looking forward moving your body, feel light, toned and lean. Just overall good in your own skin.

We completely reset your health and body - in a fun and sustainable way -so that you are finally able again to fit comfortably in your favourite outfit, play with your little ones without feeling airless and get that confidence to stand naked in front of the mirror, owning your body.

Here is how it works:

  • we meet for a 60 minute pre consultation, where we will take a look at your goals, what you want to achieve and when. A basic fitness test is included just to see where you're at so I am able to tailor your individual plan.
  • we then decide on length and frequency for the program based on your goals

You will also get

  • individual tailored nutrition advise and support
  • a product welcome pack worth over £200
  • support in between sessions
  • discounts and special invites to other workshops, seminars, programs

Are you ready to live your best life yet?