Don’t Eat Right To Lose Weight

We need to start treating ourselves with the same respect we have for others.

Food does play a crucial role in this, why?

When you are filling yourself with too much stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, processed foods and an unhealthy lifestyle it is very difficult to be patient and kind with yourself and others.

You are what you eat.

This is not just true for the number on the scale (and just by the way, you really should not solely focus on a number), but also as well as how we feel, react and treat ourselves and surroundings.

Instead of just always making it about how we look, how about changing our mindset to how it would feel when we nourish our bodies with nutrient dense food and movement.
We might eat the most perfect diet that we think is out there, however we still struggle with some extra pounds or not feeling our best yet. Thats why we need to start taking a holistic approach to shifting from diets and our focus on food to aiming to focus on an optimal level. Meaning putting all the pieces together and live a life we enjoy and that gives us the feeling that we are unstoppable, without feeling guilty about eating a scone with cream and jam.
Our bodies are what we use to achieve peak performance. In our carrier, as a mum and wife, when we travel – so we need to start taking consistent care of it, not just every other month with another try for the newest diet that is out there.

Eating right should not just be about losing weight. It should be about creating a healthy relationship with food and a lifestyle that provides the most basic and practical way to change your life, your mind and your cells.

It  is a way of healing, appreciating yourself and your body.

That said that food also means feeding yourself with so called ‘primary food’, in a way of relationships and emotions. How satisfied you are within your relationship with others and yourself, your career, environment and how good your sleep is all plays together when making mindful choices about what and how we eat.

So instead of just constantly worrying about how many calories your meal has, start shifting your thoughts and dig a bit deeper on how happy and satisfied you are within your current situation and how this might affect your eating,- and craving behaviour.

And I leave you with the question:

How does your current situation serve you and how does it not?

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