What really happens on a (fad) diet

Ever been on a diet? I think we all have in one way or another.

But what actually happens on a diet and why don’t they work? Well, don’t work at least in the long run. A diet involves the wrong kind of motivation, hence why you are not reaching your desired goal and lose weight only to gain it back again – even more.

What happens on a diet is that we restrict a certain food group and cut out calories, or both. And that is often the problem, as hunger starts in the brain. When you all of a sudden start to restrict on certain foods (and increase your exercise at the same time) your brain goes into survival mode. As soon as this happens, your brain sends out stress signals to the body which then goes into survival mode by slowing down your metabolism. By doing that, it stores fat in your cells because “you need to survive right now” so you better don’t burn it.

You might lose a few pounds, going through a hard time as you, let’s be quiet frank here, can’t really enjoy life either at the moment, and all is fine after the few weeks you’ve been on it.
However as soon as you start eating your normal way again, or even a bit healthier than before, your brain literally throws a “survival party” (as you are not restricting now anymore) and starts to have a great feast. Meaning, you start craving and indulging even more than before.

Life is about fulfillment. It is about enjoying every moment and be utterly happy and satisfied in every way possible.

Dieting and the wrong way of eating (i.e. indulging too much, binging or restricting)  can and will never supply what is really missing.

We all know eating healthy and mindfully and creating a healthy and abundant lifestyle is key. However important the knowledge is though, awareness is the real solution.
That is why most of us are unable to properly sustain a healthy lifestyle.

So next time, instead of going on another fad diet, start to figure out what is really going on. Is there something missing? Where are you not fully happy and satisfied? And what can you do about it? Become mindful. Learn to appreciate your body the way it is right now. Come from a place of love, learn to understand it.

And remember: You can only ever change the outside by starting with the inside.

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