Starting to live healthy is really like meeting that one special person.

Do you sometimes find yourself sitting on the tube or bus, or even in your car waiting for the traffic lights, gazing around and all of the sudden there is this very attractive man or woman?

You both start starring at each other and you start to notice some kind of chemistry. You might even smile at each other, shyly.

You think that you would really like to get to know that person. You continue starring but then what always happens, happens. One of you has to get off at the next station. However, you might even still stare when getting off, having that last look at each other through the window. Oh, how lovely it would have been if you just would have been brave enough that one time, stepping out of your comfort zone to give your name and number. But you couldn’t even say “hi”.

The same happens when we start thinking about making changes in our lives.

When we want to start exercising, eating healthier or just want to be more mindful and take more care of ourselves. The thought is great, isn’t it. And all the possibilities you see with your future self. The confidence you will then have. The energy, drive and passion. Life all of a sudden feels light an amazing.

However, just the thought won’t get you anywhere. Neither with your lifestyle and certainly not when seeing someone you’d like to ask out but instead, you just pass out on the thought of it.

Because that’s what we are used to. Just the thought of something greater.

But we see it. It happens everyday. For everyone but us. Because we are different. Because we are too busy, or just don’t have the financial options. Or simply because we tried everything before and nothing worked. Also, there is always google, right? (Or another fancy dating site, whatever they are all called these days)

But here is the truth my love: You are just not special enough

You are not as special so that it can not work out for you. You are not busier than everyone else and no, you have not tried everything else before, otherwise you would not be stuck in the situation you have been in for the last however many years.

See, if you really want something, go for it. You only have this one shot called life.

You don’t feel good in your body? You wish you had more energy, joy and passion in life? Then do something! There are so many ways. If you really want it – get it.

Go reach out to someone who has already been through it – and actually conquered it. Go to someone who is just one step ahead of you. But please, don’t ask aunt sally for help, who is high on red wine and pizza (no offence here – I love good wine and pizza!)

Take that leap of faith and change what you don’t like.  Learn to appreciate yourself the way you are right here in this moment. Because true change only comes from a good state of mind. And then my dear, really anything is possible.

You have no idea what then is actually possible. It is truly amazing.

And yes, you might then even be brave enough to stand up on that bus or tube to go to that person and say at least “hi, thanks for making my day with your beautiful smile”

You really have no excuses whatsoever in life. You might just fear changes, because you will be thrown out of your comfort zone for a short period of time.

But hey, as a professional in that field, it is actually really the best thing that can happen to you. Period.

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