Nothing makes me happier than transforming peoples life. Seeing my clients strive to a healthier, happier and more passioned life is why I am doing what I am doing.

But don't just take my word for granted. Hear from people who experienced working with me..



I was going through a very stressful period in my life. In addition to having to finish my thesis for uni, a lot was going on in my personal and work life. I had trouble sleeping, was recently diagnosed with coeliac disease and was feeling absolutely miserable. I've always eaten quite healthy and nutritious foods but I was sure I was missing something. That's when Julia stepped in! She helped me realise what was wrong with my diet and helped me find meditation. I got rid of my insomnia after working with her for a few weeks. She was a massive help and supported me in getting rid of my caffeine addiction. I am more than happy to recommend her to everyone - no matter what your situation. You might think you're doing well, but trust me: there's always something you will need help with that will affect your health big time.

Minja Smura, Social Media Strategist, London

Working with Julia has rapidly and extremely effectively helped me get a deep, thorough and hugely useful insight into myself, my life situation and things which I need to focus on to continue improving my life and create the best version of myself as soon as possible.

Her coaching style is gentle, yet hugely influential. She has an absolute laser sharp listening skills and ability to hear the real human needs, vs the talk of 'phantom self', which is fake and irrelevant.

I'm so glad I met Julia and forever thankful for helping me further improve my already good life to start with. World needs coaches like Julia, who can not only help us overcome issues in life, but actually create the abundant and complete existence we are all ultimately looking for.

Thank you Julia!

Jason Grant, UX Designer, London

Working with Julia helped me regain my health and really made me refocus on the importance of self-care and self-love. She's kind, caring, and knows how to motivate!

Amy Demone, VA, Canada

Working with Julia has been very rewarding. She has helped me change my diet through simple yet effective methods.

She has been able to coach and educate me on a number of areas about health, diet, and exercise. This has resulted in a major transformation from how I feel, sleep and my focus. 

I believe she truly understands the lifestyles of entrepreneurs and how we operate. So, If you are a busy entrepreneur or individual that is burning the candle from both ends, I highly recommend you have a conversation with Julia.

Hardy Azeez, Director, Australia